5 Female Superheroes in Comics Who Embody Women Empowerment

female superheroes

Featured image source: Mashable The comics industry started out in the early twentieth century at the back of magazines and newspapers. Comics since then has acquired a larger target market and reached its golden age where hundreds of comic issues and volumes have resided on the shelves or on a box under of every boy’s room. Superheroes like Batman, Superman and Thor graced the panels of each page with unbelievable powers and superhuman abilities that seemed impossible for a villain …

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5 On-Going TV Shows Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

tv shows

TV series right now has never been this colorful. Hollywood is admittedly a heavily stained part of the entertainment industry. From movies to the small screen, notions of whitewashing and the idea that “whites sell better” have been evident since the beginning of this industry. True enough, movies and TV shows are based on the culture and time it was created on, but it is almost sad that even in the light of diversity and the fight to change the …

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A Graduate’s Surprise: How Hanss Mujica Gave his Family the Surprise of a Lifetime

hanss mujica

Featured image source: A Plus “Por ustedesempece. Por ustedesacabe.” His family can’t help but shed tears as they continued to read his message on a piece of paper. From what was supposed to be a family photo shoot for a Psychology Class, it clearly became something more. A young man from Texas named Hanss Mujica, 24, snuck behind his unsuspecting family all dressed in a graduation garb and with a couple of signboards. He was all set for graduation. All …

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