Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Video production is an essential part of modern marketing. If it’s effective enough, it could catch the attention of all sorts of potential audience. Still not convinced at hiring a corporate video production for your Manchester business? Here’s a list you might want to read:

Improved Traffic

A noticeable difference in hiring corporate video production is improved traffic. A video is a powerful medium, as it accounts for two-thirds of web traffic.

People easily get glued to visual content, particularly video, as watching is far more convenient than reading. In a simple search, users are attracted initially to the thumbnail. They would rather click on that than spend time reading through blocks of text. With more visits on your page, expect sales to improve too.

Higher SEO Ranking

With more traffic generated, your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking gets better. Every search will show more of your sites with videos, and they will be found more on the first results page compared to sites that do not have videos. This creates a competitive advantage with respect to web marketing content. In effect, this allows you to engage more with customers, whether new or old. It is extremely advisable that you publish video content regularly to keep customers interested longer.

More Video Shares

social media

Video content can be psychologically potent that anyone who comes across a well-produced video will most likely share them to others. That is the reason many companies are using social media platforms to advance their marketing efforts.

Leading social media channels are sure-fire marketing machines, and they are free. As more visitors pile up to get a glimpse of your videos, the chances of them being shared are also compounded. With your brand getting attention, your business becomes better known.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Indeed, your brand has gained the attention, the likes, and the reviews for all those shares. Corporate videos leave a mark on anyone and, therefore, increases brand awareness.

Visuals are naturally a part of human perception. The appreciation of what is seen comes first before communicating it. It is such a simple process, which is why branding on social media (or the World Wide Web, in general) creates that emotional pull. Then again, such content is cheaper to produce and free to broadcast.

To capture your target market, post a video and let it go viral.

Increased Social and Economic Value

What many forget when it comes to the impact of videos is that the social value of the video’s message adheres to the economic value of the brand. After being shared and known to the world, these videos invite discussions. They not only make people decide to buy products but also teach important lessons. Whether that lesson comes from a simple product video or a video using a socially relevant issue, something worthy is communicated, and that adds value to your brand.

Corporate video production is a valuable tool for marketers to reach more people and eventually, to be more noticed. It makes use of important social and psychological mechanisms that influence buyer’s decisions. If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out.