Kinds of Spearfishing Guns that You Can Use

Spearfishing is the oldest technique of marine hunting. Other than the simplicity associated with spearfishing, this marine hunting option will also give you a chance to get as close as you can to your prey. The thrill this will offer is unmatched by other methods of marine hunting.

To guarantee your success, you should have the right diving equipment, including a weight belt, mask, snorkel, wet suit, gloves, and socks, as well as the best speargun you can get. There are various speargun technologies that get stocked in hunting shops in Michigan. Coupled with the right diving skills, you should aim for the right speargun technology rather than its brand name for your marine hunt. The following are the options you have for your marine speargun.

Pneumatic Spearguns

These rely on the pumping of air to release a shot. The power of the gun will depend on the hunter’s strength when loading the gun – though now, there are special loading devices that can make this task easier. Pneumatic spearguns are categorized into those with ‘’hi-low’’ power actuators and those with none. These actuators shut off the gun’s main air reservoir and allow close-range shots, trouble-free gun discharging, and easy gun loading. Pneumatic spearguns have minimal recoil and it is possible to make accurate and long shots with the gun. They, however, have high maintenance needs and are noisy when fired, which might scare other fish away from your fishing spot.

European Style Speargun


Also called a Euro gun, this speargun is a variant of a band-powered gun which relies on a band for the release of a shot. The power of the gun can be increased by adding more bands, and it requires minimal strength to use. Euro guns are silent and are easy to load and maneuver. They have shafts measuring 6-7.5mm and are made of wood, carbon fiber, or aluminum. The spearguns are generally designed for the hunting of small fish weighing up to 3kg. The thin shaft of a Euro gun puts it at considerable risk of bending if you target large fish.

Rail Gun

This band-powered gun is designed for newbie anglers. It features a thicker shaft with thicker walls compared to the Euro guns. The rail gun can thus be used for hunting large fish at long ranges since the shaft remains perfectly straight after the shot and boosts the shot’s accuracy. The primary drawback of a rail speargun is the noise it makes on firing.

American-Style Speargun

This features the thickest shaft among band-powered spearguns measuring 8-9mm. The gun is well-balanced and will accommodate six additional bands at most to increase your gun’s accuracy and make it powerful for hunting large marine game. American-style spearguns are however bulky and noisier compared to other band-powered guns.

With any of the above spearguns, your marine hunting expedition is guaranteed to be a success. If you are not sure which speargun will work best for your hunt, get an expert’s input. Moreover, ensure that the local councils of the waters you are going to fish in do not prohibit the use of certain spearguns.