Ways Small Businesses Can Use Big Data Analytics

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If you frequently shop from a particular online store, you surely notice the “recommended products” or the like on one side or at the bottom of the site. And the products listed are suited to your liking or needs as if the online store knows exactly what you came there for. That’s how businesses retain customers and earn their loyalty. They get to know their customers, memorize their buying patterns so that they can offer them the right products and …

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Managing Business Technology: 6 Ways to Improve Operations

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In today’s competitive business world, any business needs to incorporate efficient strategies to grow and stay ahead of the competition, continually expanding the brand while avoiding getting left behind. One of the most popular and effective ways of doing those is by leveraging technology into your business processes. By using technology to compete more efficiently, business technology management can help you grow and prosper long-term. Technology’s completely transforming how modern businesses operate. Internet-powered systems are making businesses smarter, quicker, and …

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How People And Businesses Can Cope With Rising Cybercrimes During The Pandemic

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The prevalence of cybercrime and the dire consequences it brings for businesses is quite frightening. While technology has been a major boon to mankind, it has also become the primary medium for unscrupulous cyber-criminals, hackers, and fraudsters to gain unauthorized access to people’s sensitive information. This is the reason why businesses are focusing on the security of not only their physical office space with the help of expert security camera system installers but also of their computer systems and web …

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Top 5 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies to Gain Leads

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, boasting over 2 billion active monthly users — making it the perfect place to market your business. However, you’re not the first one to think of promoting their brand in the network, making it tough to stand out. But it is still possible. With the right Facebook marketing strategies in place, you’ll be converting lead after lead in no time.   Whether you’re promoting handmade goods or data centre …

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Tech Trends: Top 3 Ways Tech Can Up Your Winter Experience


Technology is changing the world as we speak. Over the last decade, technology has overtaken other sectors in terms of growth and attention. As it breaks norms and provides state-of-the-art means for people to conduct their daily lives, it has become the market’s largest segment, eclipsing the industrial and financial sectors in the process. Quite naturally, technology has attracted more and more investors every year. And even the advance of winter year in year out has been drastically affected by technology. …

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Eight Reasons Businesses Should Switch from Excel to CRM Software

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Although Excel proves beneficial in your early days of business, it starts to feel like that unwanted guest who overstayed his visit. Excel can become frustrating, error-prone, and non-productive if implemented in a large business workplace. Businesses should adopt dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) software such as the one offered by smartagentcrm.com. It’s compatible with desktops and major mobile operating systems to manage their increasing needs. Simplified Setup Most businesses can’t use Excel as standalone software. Businesses also need an email client, a …

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Essential Car Maintenance Practices

check engine concept

You should never make the grave mistake of thinking that your mechanic’s job is to maintain and take care of your car. Car maintenance is ultimately your job, and you should visit your mechanic to get your car serviced, have it inspected or fixed, or for motoring advice. Everything else depends on you. Here are maintenance practices you should never overlook if you want your car to serve you for a long time: Don’t Skip Service Dates Regular maintenance is …

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How Technology Improves Road Safety

road concept

Automobile and road safety have gone a long way in the past hundred years. Today, modern technology makes our roads as safe as ever, albeit not a hundred percent danger-free. Nevertheless, continuous technological innovations are helping create roads that are safer for motorists and pedestrians alike. Here are some of the best examples: Road markings Road markings are essential in guiding motorists as they drive through the road. Take a look at some of the best innovations for road markings …

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Roblox Plans To Go Public

friends playing games

Large video game companies and entertainment holdings have always been known to perform very well, especially if they own big-name franchises like E-sports titles and beloved games such as Grand Theft Auto and Apex Legends, to name a few. And as more and more people start looking towards gaming as their go-to source of entertainment, these behemoths are only bound to grow year after year. Furthermore, this pandemic has amplified the number of daily active users on games across different …

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The Unfortunate Story of Wishbone and What It Tells You about Security

data storage

While the world scrambles to control the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals have been pouncing on businesses, both big and small. In a CNBC report, large-scale data breaches grew by a frightening 273% within the first three months compared to 2019. Apps are not exceptions. Take, for example, Wishbone. The Mega Wishbone Breach Wishbone is a popular mobile app that allows its users to compare anything, as its slogan suggests. They can match celebrities, fashion, food, movies, TV shows – whatever your heart desires. …

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