Top 5 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies to Gain Leads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, boasting over 2 billion active monthly users — making it the perfect place to market your business. However, you’re not the first one to think of promoting their brand in the network, making it tough to stand out.

But it is still possible. With the right Facebook marketing strategies in place, you’ll be converting lead after lead in no time.   Whether you’re promoting handmade goods or data centre fire or energy control systems for homeowners — here are the best Facebook marketing strategies that actually work.

Implement An Efficient Pay-Per-Click Strategy

The best way to generate more revenue and website visits is by having a robust pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. When it comes to Facebook advertisements, you need to pay each time a user clicks on your ads — and the more clicks you get, the higher your chances of funnelling users to your website, increasing your revenue from that particular ad.

For instance, one strong PPC strategy is A/B or split testing. This strategy is where you make your ad and use Facebook’s built-in A/B testing function to see how effective ad visuals are, which attributes to over 75% to 90% of the ad’s performance. Whatever ad performs better, stick with it.

PPC (Pay Per Click) written on a wooden cube in front of a laptop

Do A Competitive Analysis

Once you know what ads work best with your audience, you need to branch out by running a competitive analysis to see what are the preferences of your competitors’ customers. Take advantage of this and see what these consumers respond to best and customize your ads to make it stand out, helping you meet specific customer needs while highlighting solutions you can offer and why it’s the best one for them.

Determine the Right Frequency Balance

When a consumer sees an ad multiple times, it can lose its effectiveness because they’ll eventually get tired of it or get frustrated by it and avoid your brand entirely. An efficient ad shouldn’t appear over five times to the same client as you’ll be data centre fire or energy control systems and have a lower click-through rate. To avoid this, set a frequency by instructing Facebook how many times you’d like the ad to show to the same consumer.

Target Brand Aware Audience

Although attracting customers is great for business, the conversion process can be a bit tricky. To maximize conversions, use advertisements that specifically target a ‘warm audience.’ These are consumers who are best familiar with your brand and what you do. You can do this by targeting individuals who liked your posts on your Facebook page or left comments on your latest posts. From there, all you need to do is convince them that your service or product is the one for them.

Use Emojis To Connect With Audiences

Although using ’emojis’ may seem like an unusual factor to consider in marketing on Facebook, it can significantly increase your click-through rates. In fact, adding emojis to your Facebook ads increases its click-through rates by 30% to 40%, making it a very powerful tool. However, you can’t just use any random emojis as it can hurt your brand more than help it. To get the right ones, do an A/B test on several variations to see what is a good ratio of text to emoji and types of emojis used.

Potential clients are already searching for businesses like yours on Facebook, and all it takes to connect with them is having the right marketing strategies for the platform in place — and the ones mentioned can kickstart your campaign with ease.