Tech Trends: Top 3 Ways Tech Can Up Your Winter Experience

Technology is changing the world as we speak. Over the last decade, technology has overtaken other sectors in terms of growth and attention. As it breaks norms and provides state-of-the-art means for people to conduct their daily lives, it has become the market’s largest segment, eclipsing the industrial and financial sectors in the process.

Quite naturally, technology has attracted more and more investors every year. And even the advance of winter year in year out has been drastically affected by technology. Truth be told, it is one of the major areas where we can revel in the blessings of new tech.

As we all know, winter is no joke. It’s the season when you long to get as much warmth as possible. A good heating system is not just an option during these times. It’s a must. To note, thousands of Americans have perished due to the freezing weather over the years. Thus, it’s a blessing that there are smart home devices that ease our troubles during winter. Below are three of the best.

Zoning Systems

One of these latest tech trends to saving winter is zoning systems. Sounds like an alien device? Well, not really. Zoning systems are a shot in the arm for central heating systems. What they give you is greater control over your home temperature.

How does the zoning system work? It’s amazing. By using the ductwork dampers, different parts of the home can be set to different temperatures. Imagine how much relieved your daughter will be to have temperature control in her own space.

With zoning, you can set a room to be at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and decide the other room to be lower. This affords different people to enjoy different temperatures even within the same house. Best of all, the rooms don’t have to be far apart. It could be rooms next to each other.

Yes, you guess it right. Since you can control the temp in each room, you can cut some dollars on the heater bill. And it gets even better. You can also have control over different floors. So when everybody is downstairs you don’t have to heat the upper floor of the house. And vice-versa.


Smart HVAC Systems

Does it bother you that you have to physically go to the thermostat to control it? Well, that idea is becoming obsolete by the day. With smart HVAC systems, all you have to do is take out your smartphone, and voila. You have your interior weather under your thumb.

This means you can up your energy savings. By using smart sensors and thermostats that work together seamlessly, the system can provide the best weather indoors depending on your tastes and needs.

Additionally, a heater controlled through Wi-Fi is an extension of the smart HVAC system. Portable and extremely safe, these devices can warm your room in no time. ; And you can do all the necessary adjustments needed right on your phone. Imagine sitting on your sofa and adjusting the heat temperature. Or even turning on the heater right before you get home.

Plus, it gets even better if your home has a virtual assistant software like Alexa. You can have voice command, much like Iron Man to JARVIS. By just saying a word, you get to increase or decrease the temperature.

Dual-fuel Heat Pumps

Another interesting trend is the dual-fuel heat pump. This pump is simply out-of-this-world. For the traditional heat pumps, fossil fuels and gas was used. These new technologically advanced ones can switch between electricity and natural gas as a source of energy.

One caveat: buying this can cost a lot. Worse, installation is even costlier. But in the long run, it can save you a lot. In this sense, it is a lifesaver.

During winter, natural gas is being used to generate heat. When gas is being used, the house is heated up faster. Usually, the heat in the ground is what is dispersed in the house. And when it’s spring, the heat pump switches and uses electricity as an energy source. When it’s hot, it’s the job of the pump to absorb all the heat and transfer it to the ground. It’s a win-win situation.

By switching between energy sources, you can have the best of both worlds, saving tons of money in the process.

There you have it, how technology is changing our sweater months. Thanks to these advances, we can smoothen the chill brought about by winter for everyone in the family. Truly, winter has never been this good.