Battle of the Greats: Comparison of Digital Tools for Freelancers

man working in a cafe

Everyone has dreamed what it would be like to escape the rat race, that is the 9-5 job. No more waking up early to beat the morning traffic or cram the report your boss told you to finish close to yesterday’s working day. Some people have made their way to the freelance life, to have more freedom and flexibility in their work. They also don’t have to deal with office politics or incompetent colleagues who can drag the project down. …

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Know the Cyber Threats to Security Businesses Face and What You Can Do

using computers

Businesses need to protect themselves as uncertainty is prevalent these days. There are many threats out there, and the biggest ones include cybersecurity threats. Cyber thieves would be able to steal your business information, and you might not know of it until it’s too late. Many IT companies work together to make sure that such threats are controlled, and they even hire cybersecurity companies that specialize in limiting the possibility of these threats. But it would be better to know what …

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The Ninth Generation of Video Game Consoles: How Lucky Can It Be?

virtual reality

It is the beginning of the end for the eighth generation of video game consoles. There is no need to rush to your useful VoIP handsets and make calls to the major hardware makers. This is simply the way the business model works. The current generation has enjoyed a fruitful eight years. This holiday season, people are expecting the successors to Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox One to drop, thereby officially ushering in the ninth generation. Nintendo will continue …

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Protecting Your E-Commerce Site from Malicious People Online

password protected system

Businesspeople and small entrepreneurs are flocking online to set up their own e-commerce sites. After all, it is the best way to reach consumers who are always glued to their smartphones and tablet computers. Their e-commerce site is their shop or store online. And just like in the real world, online stores are also susceptible to fraudsters, hackers, and scammers. You may be spending some money on retouching services for your online jewelry shop or rebuilding the UX of your …

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The Common Cold: Why It Still Persists

man sneezing into a tissue

While COVID-19 dominates today’s news and headlines, one disease has been evading scientists for decades: the common cold. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the common cold affects adults at an average of 2-3 times per year. For children, it’s more frequent. It’s so widespread and fairly frequent that when somebody catches a cold and recovers, there’s not much serious thought given to it. You suffer from a runny nose and body aches for a few days, …

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Digital Marketing: Using the Right SEO Keywords in Your Web Content

Female working on laptop

It would be nice to fool ourselves into thinking that digital marketing is easy, or that writing content for the web is a piece of cake. Isn’t writing blogs just like posting a question or a remark on social media? It’s not? It’s far from it. SEO keywords and the corresponding research it will demand from you is a non-negotiable element of marketing a business. Take this out of the equation and you might as well throw in the towel. …

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Mars Missions: Three Space Flights That Aim to Uncover the Truth About the Red Planet

spaceship and moon in the sky

Space is the next big thing. It always has been. But it isn’t easy for governments with space programs to implement plans quickly amidst global events like political conflicts, natural disasters, and epidemics. Still, despite a major setback in the first half of the year due to the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, space exploration plans and projects continued. And this month, we’ll be witnessing three of the most exciting missions that will be launched in our time—all headed for the …

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Cybersecurity 101: Responding to and Recovering from a Data Breach

data security

Companies of any size are prone to vulnerabilities on the Internet. These attacks can be as minor as someone outside your organization gaining access to your database or something huge like a denial-of-service attack. Any online vulnerability puts your organization at risk. In a study by Centrify, 65% of customers lost their trust in a company after it suffers a data breach. Your business might also suffer financial losses, legal ramifications, and operational disruptions. You could spend time and effort preventing …

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How Does Cybersecurity Affect Your Online Banking Experience?

Nothing feels as good as seeing a notification that your payment went through on your bank. Since almost everything is automated these days, you won’t have to go to a bank and talk to a teller about your balance, withdraw money from them, or make a personal bank loan. Additionally, almost everyone around the world has access to the Internet through their mobile devices. The current rise in mobile applications has made it easier for us to withdraw, deposit, and …

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Security and Websites: What Should You Consider?

web design

Ask yourself: where do you usually go to if you have some complex problems that you don’t know the answer to? The majority of the population would say that they use search engines to answer their questions. Since people use search engines, they’re sometimes funnelled towards sites that can give them an answer to our problem. However, there will be times that sites with malicious intent will use search engines as a means of getting sensitive personal information from people. …

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