Essential Car Maintenance Practices

You should never make the grave mistake of thinking that your mechanic’s job is to maintain and take care of your car. Car maintenance is ultimately your job, and you should visit your mechanic to get your car serviced, have it inspected or fixed, or for motoring advice. Everything else depends on you. Here are maintenance practices you should never overlook if you want your car to serve you for a long time:

Don’t Skip Service Dates

Regular maintenance is a key instrument for maintaining your car’s health. It only comes second after your driving habits. You should never use engine oil, air cleaner, fuel, and oil beyond the recommended time; otherwise, the consequences could lead to irreparable damage to your engine. The only way to ensure you don’t take such a risk is by visiting your auto service shop when you are supposed to.

Keep the Body Clean and Wax It Regularly

A huge percentage of your car’s aesthetics are hidden in your car’s exterior, and the way your body looks tells quite a lot about the overall car’s health. Make sure your car gets a body wash at least once every week. It keeps it free of corrosion and preserves its glow. For even better preservation, have it waxed regularly, at least twice a year.

In case your car needs auto body repairs, always ensure you get it done by a certified dealer who is recommended either by the manufacturer or a reliable mechanic. For instance, always consult a Mercedes body repair expert if your Benz needs some auto body works. Try as much as possible to park in the shade and keep your car covered while in the garage.

Inspect Fluids And Tire Pressure Regularly

Your car operates with the help of several types of fluids that have specific functions.

  • Engine oil: It lubricates your engine block’s interior while it runs.
  • Transmission fluid: It lubricates the gear system of your car.
  • Brake fluid: It facilitates even transmission of pressure to all wheels.
  • Power steering fluid: It helps your steering system to function properly by lubricating it
  • Engine coolant: It cools your engine and also helps to regulate the climate control system.
  • Windshield wiper fluid: It helps in cleaning your windshields using the wipers.

You should always ensure that all these fluids are not contaminated and never below the recommended levels. Remember also to check the tires. Well monitored tire pressure ensure stability and prevent quick and uneven wear and tear.

Get Your Car Inspected Regularly

car inspection concept

Your car has many parts that your mechanic will not look at during regular service unless you experience a malfunction along the way. Ensure your vehicle is scheduled for a full service every year and have a comprehensive inspection of all its systems. These include suspension, spark plugs, belts, bearings, and many other parts. It will save you a lot of repairs and parts replacement.

Car maintenance depends on you, so you should always take responsibility for it. Take care of it as much as you can, be a friendly driver, and never hesitate to consult your auto repair expert if you spot signs of mechanical issues.