Smart Ways to Keep Your Lawn Looking Green and Beautiful

As a homeowner, you want your home to look good – or even stand out in your neigbourhood. One way you can do so is to have a beautiful or spruced-up lawn.

If you’re a busy homeowner, however, keeping your lawn green and attractive can be a bit of a problem. Lawn professionals have these tips.

Water is Important

Your lawn is always thirsty and needs large amounts of water to remain in good condition. A good sprinkler or 12-volt tank sprayer will be a useful implement to apply ample water on your lawn every day.  Your lawn needs one to two inches of water per week. This allows the water to soak into the ground, encouraging root growth and development. Water early in the morning so that your lawn will have plenty of time to dry out before sunset. This is important because wet lawns left overnight have a higher chance of developing a fungal infection.

Test the Soil

The grass in your lawn will grow better if you take the time to have your soil tested. Soil chemistry has a significant effect on how grass grows. For example, if you have high soil acidity, you need to select harder grass varieties. Knowing exactly what the state of your soil allows for proper decisions when it comes to lawn care.

Cut the Grass Right

cutting the grass with lawnmower

It might surprise you, but long grass actually restricts plant growth. The reason is that the grass covers up the crown of grass plants. Only the tallest grasses would get the maximum amount of sunlight. This is why cutting the grass encourages growth. Cutting grasses to about an inch high at the start of the year helps remove dead grass and gets your living grass growing again. Later in the year, adding another inch will allow your lawn to look lush and healthy.

For cutting, you want your lawnmower blade to be as sharp as possible to ensure a clean cut, which is better than shredding the grass. Shredded grass often results in dead grass.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Some Help

Though many people take pride in the fact that they only need water to get their lawn green, you should not hesitate to ask advice about fertilisers, especially when the soil lacks nutrients. Applying fertilizers helps your lawn have everything it needs to grow.

Ensure Your Lawn’s Health

Your lawn is a living thing that needs all your help to grow. Like a pet, it requires daily care and attention. Follow these reminders and make sure to do them consistently, and you will have a lawn that’s not only healthy but a head-turner.