Multimedia Careers in the Digital Age

Technology has proven beneficial for us since the time of its conception. Its continued evolution has only resulted in more advantages coming to life. A prime example of which is improved media content. These days, those who have a degree related to media (and even those who don’t) have many careers to choose from depending on their skills and interests.

Different industries promise bright futures as the demand for these jobs continue to rise while we move further into the age of technology.

Video Producer

A bachelor’s degree in video production gives people an advantage when working with other individuals to bring content to life. Regardless of specialty, be it corporate or entertainment, a producer helps manage the tasks that contribute to video creation.

Corporate audio and video production services include, but are not limited to, creating a strategy, setting schedules, tracking the budget and reviewing drafted content. Considering the lengthy job description, it isn’t all too surprising that the average salary for video producers is around $55,000.

Social Media Manager

Marketing devices of the past have nothing on modern marketing. Instead of delegating much of the finances on creating television or radio advertisements, businesses these days take advantage of the time people spend online.

Thanks to technology and the internet, a job that deals with social media were created. Social media managers make around $48,000 on average. They get paid to plan and develop strategies to boost a brand’s image and implement them on different sites like Twitter or Facebook.

A likely outcome of this is usually increased sales or clicks on the organization’s page.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists can work in any industry of their choice. A popular option nowadays is going corporate. Still, it doesn’t matter who they work with since these artists do more than use their skills and talents to draw. Often, they work with clients to create visual concepts.

Visual concepts function to convey ideas that will hopefully draw the attention of potential viewers. Their finished products usually come in the form of an ad posted online. In the business world, these ads can be used to inform and consequently draw people to consuming the company’s products or services.

While the chosen industry may affect the salary, graphic artists make around $48,500 on average annually.


Storytelling has come a long way from what we grew up with as kids. Picture books exist to this day still, but we cannot deny how impactful animation has become to bringing stories to life. They’re colorful, easy to understand for both child and adult, and accessible to most people.

Some of the people behind these works are animators. An example of their work is creating similar multiple images that portray some form of movement when displayed quickly. These images, known as frames, are what makes most movies that theaters show today.

For their hard work, animators are paid $74,000 on average.

Web Developer

Web developers

The websites that we frequently visit wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the people who spend their time making them. Web developers are in high demand, considering the effect of the internet on all aspects of life. Their job entails designing a user interface that is as visually appealing as it is easy to use.

They then write the code and test it, ensuring that it’s ready for public consumption. A web designer usually makes around $72,000 annually.

Just as it did in the past, our continued progress as a race will only result in more jobs being created. Many consider multimedia to be at its peak at the moment, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it becomes even more amazing in the future.