Branded Merchandise: An Effective Marketing Choice

The world of marketing is vast and encompassing. In fact, there are numerous tactics under a variety of digital and traditional strategies that help boost a brand’s visibility and sales growth. One particular example is supplying branded merchandise.

Branded merchandise or promotional products are items exclusively distributed by an enterprise at minimal or no cost. As implied by the term, these are branded with a logo or name of the business and are meant to promote brand identity, a specific line of products, or a corporate event.

Below, we’ll discuss several reasons why you should try this form of promotion.

Stimulates brand recall

Whether you’re offering giveaways at a tradeshow or freebies at your store, branded products provide you with a tangible way to instil your business in the minds of your present customers and prospects.

Consider this, every time they see your merchandise, they will think of your brand. This ability to evoke brand recall makes promotional products an efficient marketing tactic. In fact, The New York Times reports that including branded merchandise in public events can lead to a 17% increase in potential customers’ response rate.

However, to achieve this, you must go beyond the usual items like keychains, totes, and pens. Grace Li of suggests selecting products that can be put to daily use such as solar chargers, mugs with artistic designs and lip balms. Determine the needs and preferences of your target market to know which items to use as promotional merch.

Helps you earn free ambassadorship

Social media influencers and public personalities promote brands effectively, but they charge fees. If you distribute branded merchandise to your customers, they can act as ambassadors of your company at no cost at all.

According to Kaleigh Moore, retail and e-commerce writer of Forbes, wearing a logo is equivalent to communicating that they are fans or supporters of the brand. Therefore, capitalise on this chance to promote your brand for free. Similar to how word-of-mouth marketing influences buying behaviour of prospects, promotional products can build interest within the networks of the customers using them.

Builds customer loyalty

While branded products are helpful in gaining new customers, they are even more useful in nurturing loyalty among your regulars. Needless to say, everybody likes to receive free stuff. Manoeuvre this fact to your advantage by offering freebies that are exclusive to your regular customers. For example, utilise a tracking system and provide a free merch for customers whose purchases amount to a certain sum within a specific period. Exclusivity gives them the impression that they are valued and prioritised, which can be a powerful driver for making more purchases in the future.

Makes public relations more convenient

public relations

During press trips and conferences, it can be time-consuming to think of ways to convey a positive image to your attendees. However, by having promotional merch on hand, putting together press kits will be a breeze.

Furthermore, by sending branded products to media people and influencers, you can nurture a good working relationship with them. But, be wary of the timing because you don’t want to make it appear like you’re bribing them. Some opportune moments for giving them branded merch is when you want to give a token of appreciation after they have published posts or articles related to the brand, there’s a special occasion such as your company’s anniversary or a public holiday, and you’re inviting them to your events.

Marketing is an indispensable part of any successful business. To maximise its benefits, don’t limit yourself to digital marketing tools and explore different methods such as the distribution of branded merchandise.