New to the Business? Enhance Your Brand with a Website

Congratulations, you’ve finally managed to build your business from scratch. With the initial hard work beginning to show traction, you want to keep the momentum. That’s great, but you might be asking yourself, ‘what next?’ The answer is easy – set up a website to promote your brand.

Let’s face it, the internet is the place potential customers go to find supplies and services, so if you’re new, your competitors probably have a head start with their own websites. It’s a missed opportunity not to have your business on the Internet, but launching your site may appear a daunting prospect, even if you are IT savvy.

Don’t fret if you don’t know the technicalities for it, because you won’t have to look far for people who do. Throughout the UK, from London suburbs like Bromley in Kent to the Outer Hebrides, companies that offer web design services are within reach.

A Website Makes Your Brand More Accessible

As far back as 2012, the Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive Annual Global Study showed that online research eclipsed offline relationships, with 89 per cent of US consumers browsing on Google before making a purchase. Having your own website means that your business is available for viewing 24/7. If your website is current and user-friendly, you increase the chance of potential customers finding your website. This means a lot to customers who want to know your products and services, especially when your competitors are only a click away.

A website is also an avenue to win the loyalty of your customers. Use your site to tell the brand’s story and develop a relationship with the consumers. Personalize your business through your web pages so they’ll relate to you.

Additionally, a website lets you converse with your clients. Offer a platform that allows them to submit questions and suggestions. You’re involving them – so they’ll feel invested in your brand and become loyal patrons.

A Website Increases Your Credibility

website concept on a mobile phone

In this digital age, having your business on the Internet is a necessity. It helps build up your business’s credibility since your start-up isn’t a household name. Perhaps, people haven’t heard of your products and services. Showing up on the search engine results page earns you visibility, trust and a reputation.

A website also makes your business appear more professional and stable. Stanford University discovered that consumers are likely to judge a company’s credibility through their website. A well-designed site will strengthen the image of your business, earning future buyers.

Lesser Costs than Traditional Advertising

Print media is expensive; worse, you’re unsure if you’re reaching your target audience. Traditional advertising has declined since the late 1990’s and digital marketing is the new trend. When you have a website, you increase interest and can drive more sales with SEO. You’re also directing potential clients to your products and services. You may even gain an international customer base!

Your business is your child. You want it to grow, especially when you’ve invested so much time and money. It’ll take some time and effort, but a website creates a halo effect on your marketing activities. Remember, we live in a digital age. Everyone is on the internet, including your customers.