How Using Stickers Can Benefit Your Organization

If you are a part of a nonprofit organization or a local community group, you know that it is not always easy to get your name out there. This is especially true if you are just starting and beginning to establish yourselves in the scene. After all, name recognition and a good first impression are key for you to get people to pay attention to you.

This is made all the more difficult by the fact that smaller organizations do not usually have a large budget to spend on marketing and promotional materials. As a result, you may be forced to rely on other creative tactics to make sure people know who you are and can remember you. One of these is by using custom stickers.

Custom stickers are actually an increasingly popular way for organizations for marketing their brand. In New Zealand and across the world, many people — especially the younger generation — are making use of stickers to advertise the organizations that they are part of and the causes that mean the most to them.

Here are some of the reasons to use stickers in your organization:

1. They allow you to plug your organization creatively.

Many young people create custom stickers for their organizations for marketing these in creative ways. For one thing, sticker design need not be limited to the logo of the organization. In fact, many are using creatively designed stickers, such as illustrations and lettered inspirational quotes, to draw attention to what their organization is all about. This increases the likelihood that people will notice the stickers and become curious about the organization that is behind these.

2. They can be placed everywhere.

ree Sample speech bubble is isolated on the blue background
The beauty of high-quality stickers is that they can be placed just about anywhere. It is common to see many custom stickers on street signs, lampposts, and other public spaces. This allows you to reach as many people as possible and ensure that your sticker will be seen.

Additionally, it is common practice today, especially among the younger generation, to stick stickers onto all of their belongings. These include their laptops, mobile phones, notebooks, tumblers, and many more. Given that these are commonly used in everyday life, they can easily be spotted by anyone the individual comes into contact with, thus also spreading the reach of the sticker.

3. They do not cost much to produce.

Unlike a large billboard ad, stickers can be easily mass-produced for a very small amount of money. Because stickers are so small, each one would only end up costing less than a dollar to produce, making it much easier to produce a whole bunch of stickers. They also do not require as much resources as paper, making them cheaper than posters and flyers as well.

Additionally, while there are many professional sticker printing services in NZ that can print a large number of stickers for you quickly and easily for a reasonable price, this is not necessarily a must. Anyone with a printer and some good quality sticker paper, along with a lot of time, can easily print the stickers by themselves at home. This is another reason stickers are popular among smaller organizations.

Lastly, because so many stickers can be made, so many can also be given away. Thus, it is a popular tactic to give out some beautiful stickers for free to strangers at any organization event, or simply by handing them out on the street. This way, you can get others not affiliated with your organization to use the stickers and come into contact with them as well.