Understanding How to Post Bail

In some unfortunate circumstances, you may find yourself or a loved one in the custody of the police. Depending on the situation, it can be very scary for the detainee and their relatives with certain unknowns overwhelming each person involved. Fortunately, there are ways to remove yourself from jail, using a process called posting bail.

To post bail is to lend collateral or money to the jurisdiction that is prosecuting you for your crimes. The bail money will come back to you at your trial and be used towards any fines you’ve accrued.

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However, you may feel it’s impossible to post your own bail while behind bars, especially as your belongings have been stripped of you. This can be settled by family members or a bail bond lender when you have access to phone calls.

Calling a bail bond lender will normally sort the process out quite easily but at a small fee on top of your bail amount. The lender will post bail for you but require immediate payback of your fees with a 10% fee added, but this would mean you’re free to figure it out.

The easiest ways to post bail are in cash, through your family, or using a bail bond lender. You’ll hopefully never have to use this information, but keep it handy just in case.

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