How to Find Long Term Apartments in London

Moving to a new country is an exciting yet challenging endeavor that involves numerous considerations. At the forefront of these concerns is securing suitable accommodation. Finding a place to call home in a foreign land requires careful navigation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into valuable tips on how to find long term apartments abroad, drawing insights from practical advice tailored for those planning a move to London.

Before You Arrive

For individuals planning to relocate, a key recommendation is to book a short-term flat on platforms like Airbnb for at least a week before committing to a long term rental. This initial period serves as an invaluable opportunity for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the city, conduct property viewings, and assess potential residences firsthand.

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While short-term rentals may involve a slightly higher cost per day or week, the investment pays off in well-informed decision-making.

Types of Rentals in the New Locale

Understanding the types of rentals available in the destination is paramount. Whether opting for an entire place or considering a room in a shared house, the choice often hinges on individual preferences and budget considerations. Platforms like SpareRoom or Rightmove cater to diverse rental needs. When searching for long term apartments, it’s crucial to explore the available options and select one that aligns with your lifestyle and financial plans.

Narrowing Down Preferred Neighborhoods

Once short-term accommodation is secured, the next step involves narrowing down preferred neighborhoods for a long term stay. Different areas offer distinct experiences and price points. Filtering choices based on lifestyle preferences and proximity to work is crucial. Leveraging online resources such as can provide valuable insights into the price points of various neighborhoods, facilitating informed decision-making.

Working with Local Real Estate Agents

Engaging with local real estate agents can significantly streamline the process of finding long term apartments. By establishing communication with agents in advance and providing them with specific criteria, individuals can receive timely notifications about suitable properties. This proactive approach, often facilitated by online platforms, ensures that potential tenants stay informed about available options in their preferred neighborhoods.

Essential Documents for Renting Abroad

Renting abroad demands careful attention to documentation. Key documents include proof of the right to rent in the new country, proof of income, references, and a deposit. For individuals without a steady income, solutions such as securing a UK guarantor or paying upfront may be considered. Understanding the local requirements for renting is crucial for a smooth and successful application process.

Pro Tips for Securing Long Term Apartments

Navigating the competitive real estate market in a foreign country requires strategic thinking. Putting in an offer promptly after a viewing, even slightly above the asking price, can enhance the chances of securing a desirable apartment. During property viewings, checking crucial aspects such as council tax bands, water pressure, and the quality of furnishings, especially the mattress, ensures a well-informed decision. However, before securing this apartment, you need to ensure it is the perfect apartment for you. After all, you’ll be staying in this area for an extended period of time.

Avoiding Pitfalls in the Rental Process

To avoid potential scams, it’s crucial to exercise caution when exploring rental opportunities on online platforms. Verification through in-person viewings or live video calls is essential before making any payments. Additionally, meeting potential housemates and assessing the overall vibe of the place contributes to a positive living experience. Trusting one’s instincts and refusing to succumb to market pressure when a property feels unsuitable is vital for a successful and satisfactory rental experience. The rental process can be difficult, especially with different requirements and qualifiers in a different nation. Make sure you are doing your research to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls of the rental process in London. Working with a professional or someone familiar with the area is your best bet in a streamlined apartment process.


Finding long term apartments abroad involves a series of strategic steps, from initial short-term bookings to engaging with local real estate agents and carefully navigating the documentation process. By following these practical tips and insights, individuals can enhance their chances of securing suitable accommodation in a new country. Whether planning a move to London or any other international destination, a proactive and informed approach is key to a successful long-term rental experience. Do the necessary research to find the perfect apartment for you. Most of the apartments you research will not be perfect, so make sure you go the extra mile and commit to finding the perfect long term apartment.


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