Transforming Funerals with Technology

The pain of losing a loved one can sometimes be unexplainable. Even so, family members will always want to grant their beloved a reasonable send-off. Since technology advancement cannot be stopped, funeral planning and execution have been engulfed into technological webs. This post will give you an insight into how technology has changed funerals.

The Use of Social Media

There are many ways to modernize the send-off thanks to the amount of technology out there. Even though many funerals are already using tribute videos and slide shows, incorporating social media has become a trend. Funerals can now be live-streamed on social media platforms to ensure all friends and family are part of the day. As a result, members living in a different time zone or those whose flights have been delayed can still participate in the send-off. More people are opting for this method.

Online Obituaries

Millennials will rarely use traditional obituary placements, and neither will they vote for newspaper circulation. Instead, more people are opting for online obituaries to announce the death of a beloved. Digital obits are on the rise, considering that they offer a larger reach with a lower price tag. Online obituaries don’t have a deadline like papers, and they also offer more flexibility.

Funeral Services and Apps

As crazy as this may sound, mobile applications have come up to replace traditional funeral services, and this trend will not stop any time soon. There are applications available that complement a funeral home website. There are funeral apps that allow you to create a video tribute linked to a QR code. You can put the QR code on the funeral cards so that mourners can use their smartphones to watch the video. Other apps will also keep track of where the loved one was buried.

A Single Platform for Funeral Homes

Funeral home staff members will admit to one thing—the mountains of paperwork that need to be organized. Technology has changed the norm, and they now use a single-entry technology solution. This trend has helped funeral directors at traditional funeral services to stop stressing over paperwork and instead spend more time helping the grieving family.

Eco-friendly Burials

White rose in funeral

Traditional burial rites may be flashed out in the coming years for the good of the environment. The amount of concrete and steel that goes into the standard casket burials can be put to meaningful use. Cremating a single body, on the other hand, uses enough gas or electricity that can save a life. As a solution to these concerns, the eco-friendly technology has come up to reduce the carbon footprint.

The introduction of a full burial suit lined with specially designed mushroom spores helps consume the deceased body. The mushroom is friendly to the environment as it recycles the remains, absorbs and purifies the toxins in your body. This process keeps the soil safe.

In other words, death tech and services might change funerals. The trends can change the funeral customs, but the respect accorded to the loved one remains. Therefore, mourners should consider adopting what technology has to offer.