Retention Tips: How to Boost Customer Loyalty for Your Ecommerce Business

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, you’re probably always looking for ways to find, attract, and convert new customers. However, it shouldn’t be your only priority. Keeping the ones you already have is just as, if not more, important. According to the Harvard Business Review, finding a new customer is about 25% more expensive than keeping one.

Plus, keeping a customer is just like keeping a friend. It takes much more effort to find and onboard a new one than to just keep a good relationship. So, how can you combat churn and keep your current patrons loyal?

Always put Quality First

Every business needs to cut corners at some point in their journey to make up for their losses. Something you should never compromise is the quality of your products. If you sell T-shirts, for example, you don’t want customers reordering a shirt that was supposed to be made of 100% cotton to suddenly be made mostly of cheaper and not as breathable polyester.

Customers notice these kinds of downgrades, no matter how small they are. In fact, Zendesk’s recent brand loyalty survey found that 88% of consumers stay loyal to a company because of the quality of their products. Your customers will definitely understand delays in production if it means improving or keeping the quality of your items.

Create a Membership Program

Nothing shows loyalty more than being a member of something, even if it’s for an online store. Offer perks like discounts or points that customers can rack up to get rewards or price cuts on their orders. Plus, a membership program also fosters a sense of community, as customers can interact with each other online or other mediums to share how to earn points quickly or the best ways to spend the rewards you give them.

However, you shouldn’t just put up a membership program in place and be done with it. You need to promote it, too. When a member first registers, give them a welcome email or letter. Send them regular reports of their rewards progress. If there are member-exclusive discounts, let them know immediately through email. Hiring a membership marketing specialist may be helpful if you don’t have the time for this task.

Personalise the Purchase

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A lot of eCommerce platforms allow you to view your customers’ purchasing habits on your site. This information allows you to think of items to go with their recent buys and recommend it to them. Popular online stores like Amazon already do this. If they bought a top, recommend them a pair of jeans or shoes to go with it on their cart or checkout page. They might find items that they didn’t know they needed! It’s this attention to detail that keeps customers coming back.

Offer Multiple Delivery Choices

Work with different couriers to give customers more shipping options. Some companies may have faster or more affordable shipping to some areas, which customers may find desirable. Plus, some consumers may have bad experiences with your courier of choice, which may put them off of buying your products in the future.

Keeping customers should be your #1 priority. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also easier for your business in the long run. Follow these suggestions and you’ll have loyal patrons that not only buy your products but consistently, but also promote your brand.