Keeping Customers Coming Back: What You Need to Do

Many companies focus on getting new customers. That is a legitimate way to grow your business, but don’t forget the people that already bought from you. Existing customers are an untapped resource that you can use to your advantage. Convince them to come back and buy more from you and you can potentially gain a continual stream of revenue from them. The great thing about it is that it can be simple to do.

Here are some of the things a company can do to ensure their customers keep coming back:

Improve Customer Service

If there is anything that customers don’t like, it is being treated badly. Having great customer service ensures that customers won’t leave but they will also be happy. When you treat customers right, they will remember that and come back. The reputation can also help attract new customers. Your existing customers will recommend you to their family and friends. Give them the same great service and you can be sure they’ll come back, too.

Do After-Sales

Some businesses end their relationship with the customer once they buy something. But if you want the customer to keep buying from you, you need to show that you remember them. Simple after-sales communication can help with that. For example, when a customer buys from you, you can ask for their email address or phone number. You can then send them e-mails or text messages about upcoming deals.

You can also keep in touch by sending discount coupons and other promos. This ensures that you stay fresh in the customer’s mind.

Always Listen to Customer Feedback

Customer Retention - customer feedbackCustomers like it when you listen to them. Many of them have specific wants when it comes to future services and products. You can use their feedback to change your operations to match their needs. Getting feedback should be simple. Thanks to the internet, you can send out emails with links to online survey panels and services to help you get a general idea of what they want.

For something more specific, you might need to do interviews and more detailed information gathering. Analyzing all the feedback is the next step so that you can know what changes would be popular among your customers.

Implement a Rewards Program

The most obvious way to get return customers is to set up a rewards program. This is pretty simple to do. For example, you can print out stamp cards that can be marked after every purchase. If customers fill it up, they can get a reward. But that is the most basic. Thanks to modern technology, you can get more complex.

A popular method nowadays is to have a point card that rewards points for purchases. The customer can then exchange the points for prizes or discounts in the future. A rewards program ensures that customers will always remember you and that they develop a sense of loyalty to your brand.

Investing in retaining customers can be one of the best moves you will make. Instead of one or two purchases, a loyal customer can buy from you for years to come. This creates a revenue stream that can pay off your investment in retaining them multiple times.