Modernizing Weddings and Marriages

Tradition is a term so arbitrary everyone has their own definition of it. One of the most popular ideas is that it is the process of passing down customs from one generation to the next. Many deem traditions important because, in their absence, many societies won’t have their cultures to this day.

As significant as the role of traditions may be in history, more and more people are now finding them to be antiquated. This is understandable, considering many of them have been established as far back as centuries, where the ways of living were very different from how things are today.

A good example of such antiquated tradition are wedding celebrations, and to an extent, marriage itself. Many are seeking to modernize these traditions.


In recent years, the media has reported that many millennials don’t want to get married. If they do choose to, however, it happens much later in life, unlike how many of their parents have done. This is a result of the widespread mindset that it’s much better to establish oneself first before deciding to settle down with a spouse and starting a family.

Moreover, those who do get married have likely been living together even prior to their marriage. Such arrangements would have garnered shocked gasps in the past, maybe even frowned upon, but it’s been considered a norm these days.

Cohabitation has been linked to divorce in the past, but the results of studies conflict with each other. One side of the equation is of the opinion that it’s beneficial to a relationship, just as long as couples don’t let themselves fall victim to the inertia effect.

Couples living together get to familiarize themselves with their partners’ habits and mannerisms that aren’t quite obvious outside one’s home. It is said to lead to stronger relationships since there won’t be any unpleasant surprises once the marriage is on the table.



One more thing about weddings that have been subjected to redefinition is the celebration itself. In the past, men and women alike would have dreamed of a grand wedding, where they speak their vows in front of a room with hundreds of people.

Nowadays, couples prefer to skip all the wedding preparations and pre-wedding jitters so they can say “I do.” Eloping has become a viable choice for couples because of its many benefits, particularly that it doesn’t cost as much as going through a wedding celebration, big or small.

But this doesn’t mean that couples can’t splurge when they elope. While a luxurious gown and suit and tie may not be considered, engaged couples are more than welcome to hire wedding video production services. Doing so will give them the opportunity to look back on one of their happiest days, and this time, maybe family and friends may be included in the viewing, as well.

Given all of these, antiquated traditions aren’t being forgotten, as the older generation may fear. They are simply being redefined and modernize to suit the lifestyles of the people in modern times.