5 Design Trends and Ideas for Clinic Spaces

Ergonomics tells us that design has an effect on how a person feels. Medical practitioners, for one, are now taking this fact into account when designing their clinics and facilities. Other than acquiring the latest medical fitouts in Sydney, doctors have now started to invest in design, furniture, and equipment that are people-friendly. Here are design ideas that can make your clinic more appealing to people:

Bright Lights and Energising Colors

The study of colour psychology indicates how certain colours elicit certain behavioural responses from people. It tells us how colours represent certain concepts like red for passion, blue for serenity, yellow for joy, and green for health.

Based on this, you can incorporate design elements to elicit certain responses from patients. You don’t have to paint your whole clinic in blue to make it appear tranquil. That would only result in a monotonous and gloomy environment. However, making use of these colours as accents in your space makes it visually appealing. You can decide to go thematic like having lime-coloured couches against a yellow backdrop adds some life and fun into your clinic.

Intelligent use of lights can add some warmth to the area. Invest in good lighting fixtures that go well with your space. When lighting and colour go well together, they create an inviting atmosphere that puts patients’ minds at ease.

Using Entertainment as Decors

Gone are the days when the only means of entertainment in a clinic are magazines, newspapers, and crossword puzzles — and in the case of pediatric clinics, toys. More are now setting up entertainment areas to do away with boredom. You will now find flat-screen TVs framed on walls like paintings. Some clinics even have entertainment rooms where they have gaming consoles and board games for children to spend time in while waiting for their turn.

The Coziness of Home

Nothing screams comfort like the amenities of home. There is an increase in doctors redecorating their clinics to give it a cosier and homelier feel. Replacing your usual steel benches with comfortable plush couches around an elegant coffee table adorned with a few board games or table toppers already makes a big difference. It makes them feel like they walked into a house’s living room or a chic coffee shop. Having mini-fridges, snack bars, and coffee makers also add a touch of home. Some clinics even go as far as having fireplaces installed.

Posh, Glam, and Fab

luxurious lobby design

Say goodbye to the days of dreary and gloomy clinic spaces. Transform your clinic and give it a rockstar feel or a luxurious vibe. Use clever accents such as touches of gold, silver, or chrome to give your clinic that posh and glamorous feel. A well-placed plush couch flanked by a couple of elegant Victorian-inspired lamps all placed against a warmly lit backdrop can also make one feel like they entered a high-end boutique and not a medical clinic.

Kid-Friendly Interiors

While TV and toys help keep young ones feel welcome and occupied, some doctors choose to go the extra mile and build kiddie nooks in their place. These nooks are designed to help children overcome their fear of going to the doctor. If you build one in your clinic, your patients might keep asking their parents to visit you more frequently.

Having a well-thought design makes such a huge difference in the way a patient responds. Instead of dreading a visit to the doctor, folks will look forward to their next medical appointment.