Blogging and Web Strategies That Will Increase the Popularity of Your Website

In today’s era, where “YouTubers” and “vloggers” thrive, it’s difficult to be convinced that blogging is still profitable. But with dedication and the right strategies, a blog can also earn as just as much popular videos. A thousand views every month can generate an income between $10 – $100 a month — a wide range, but the high earning potential is evident in it.

However, those figures aren’t enough to motivate bloggers, so instead of aiming for only a thousand views every month, strive to make it reach a hundred thousand, and you’ll be earning a whopping $1,000 – $100,000 every month. But how will you even get your blog to that level of popularity?

1. Choose a Niche with a Sizable Audience

Blogging as a source of income isn’t far from managing a business. To make your products (or in this case, your blog posts) popular, they also need to be targeted to a specific audience. Blogging for a general audience or the masses may sound more appealing because it seems to mean more views, but that’s not the case at all. An audience that isn’t clearly defined can force you to stick to generic content that lacks uniqueness, boring your readers easily.

Hence, choose a niche with a sizable, promising audience, and publish contents that are relevant to their interests, hobbies, lifestyles, and careers. By doing so, your blog will be recognized as a credible source for their educational or entertainment needs, allowing it to gain fame faster.

2. Hire a Web Developer

web design

Despite the availability of websites offering free domains, hiring a top web developer is still unrivaled when it comes to web design and development. A skilled web developer can fix all bugs and spot inconsistencies in your website, transforming it into a streamlined and sophisticated page. Their services are also essential in building traffic for your blog. High-quality content and mobile-friendliness are two of the several proven ways to drive traffic to a website, and only a web developer can help you attain those.

3. Utilize SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another tool that’s highly effective in driving organic traffic. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, you’d know that SEO is the one that makes your blog top search engine results when a user searches for information, using relevant keywords, that may be related to your content.

To strengthen your SEO strategies, make your page titles, links, and other content contain the keywords your target audience usually types in. Hiring a digital marketing specialist or web developer can also help you come up with stronger SEO techniques.

4. Get and Maintain an Email List

Online marketers agree that a mailing list is one of the most valuable assets of an online business. However, it tends to be the least developed strategy of startups and new blogs. Thus, create a community with your audience, and gather their email addresses so you can send out your latest content to them directly. Your mailing list will also be beneficial when you’re using your blog to advertise a product, because you can direct your audience straight to that product’s website, enabling them to make a purchase easier.

When promoting your blog, don’t forget the power of social media as well. Even if your followers aren’t exactly your target audience, they can at least spread the word to their friends who may be interested in your content. Stay original, informative, and helpful, and your blog will not just earn you hefty bucks, but also a remarkable reputation, which can be more valuable than any amount of money.