5 Signs Joining a Startup is the Right Move For You

Startups have a bad rap for being unstable, less-structured, and risky. However, many of the biggest companies today started as startups, and who knows? Maybe the startup you’re eyeing is the next Google or Facebook. However, as with many other things in life, you shouldn’t go into it blind, especially if you are coming from a traditional corporate job.

Whether you are making a career change or trying to get your first job out of the university, here are the signs joining a startup may be the right choice for you:

1. You thrive off the excitement

Startups are more than just fun office parties and unique break room benefits, but they are usually as exciting as they seem. However, excitement may not always be positive. But if you thrive off excitement regardless of the cause, you may be a right fit for the startup company culture.

2. The interview provided you with all the right answers

You’ve gone through screening by websites such as aptitude.ph, were selected from a pool of candidates, and finally got the chance to get interviewed by your chosen startup. Now, the interview process is not just a way for the company to get to know you, it also gives you the opportunity to see if they are the right fit for your career. But how do you know if you belong in that startup?

Asking the right questions is the key. At a certain point during the interview, the interviewer will give you the opportunity to ask questions. Take this as your chance to get to know the company; ask about their goals, their target audiences, the background of their executives, and how they intend to achieve their objectives. Their answers will give you a good idea if the startup can benefit your career, or if they are not yet heading in the right direction.

3. Your objectives are in line with theirs

Before you even think of joining a startup, you must first find out what your career goals are. Do you want to improve a certain set of skills? To partake in the creation of innovative technology? To broaden your experience in a particular role? Whatever goals you arrive at, list them down. Then, when getting interviewed by a potential employer, see if your goals align with theirs and if they can offer you the opportunity to reach your specific career objectives.

4. You don’t mind a fast-paced environment


Startups grow rapidly, and as a part of it, you will have to find a way to thrive in a fast-paced environment. This could mean working with a rapidly growing team, taking on more responsibility as the startup grows, and handling unfamiliar situations that require a high level of adaptability.

Not everyone can work in this type of environment, but if you feel that it’s one that you can excel in, that’s another good sign that a startup could be a great choice for you. And remember that startups are rapidly growing, which could mean that getting promoted is likely within your sights, and is another reason why joining a startup may be beneficial for your career.

5. You are financially stable

Of course, not everyone who works in startups is financially stable. In fact, the executives themselves may be teetering on a cliff’s edge. However, financial stability is definitely something you should consider before entering a startup job.

As mentioned above, many startups are unstable, and there is usually a significant risk of it going under in a matter of weeks. When that happens, employees may receive a separation fee, but this is not always the case. Are you financially ready to lose your source of income if that happens? Do you have enough financial stability to take the risk of joining a startup?

If the answer is ‘no’, that doesn’t mean automatically mean that joining a startup is not the best move for you. However, it does put you at risk of potential income loss in case the startup fails. For this reason, it is also imperative that you carefully assess the startup’s stability and chances of success before you join, but you can never really be sure until the company gains enough traction to become stable.

Joining a startup can be a risky move on your part, but it can also be the catalyst to your career’s success. However, not all startups are created equal, which means that you should carefully assess them before even considering joining. Use these signs to see if a startup is fit for you and if you are the right fit for them.