Two Important Considerations When Packing to Move

Man talking on the phone while packing

Moving house can be traumatic. The act of packing for the move is rarely mechanical; you're literally deconstructing your home, and the process can bring nostalgia as you handle and box the items that make up so many memories, both good and bad. A good way to minimize the stress and handle the emotionally difficult time of moving is to have the smoothest moving process. Make your move as painless and trouble-free as possible by using the right equipment and the right people.  

Boxing smart 

You're going to need boxes, lots of them. It's often the case that most people don't realize how much stuff they have. Unless you're meticulous and methodical about getting rid of things that no longer spark joy, you'll accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Most of us would like to pack similar or the same items into the flat shipping boxes we buy for the move. This makes sense as it makes sorting easier. When you come to unpacking at your new house, you know what's in a box, and you can put all your items away in one go. 

However, for some items, this is not the best tactic. Books or plates are heavy. If you pack them all into a few big boxes, you'll end up with very boxes that are very difficult to move. Not only will this box be difficult to move, but it will also be more prone to being dropped. Cardboard boxes can be robust and handle hefty loads, but if you have a load of plates in them and the box is dropped, then they can break, even if they are wrapped in paper or bubble wrap. 

Your solution is to use smaller boxes that will allow you to pack books or plates to the volume capacity of the box without making the box too heavy to handle. Another option is to mix items. Half-fill a box with books and then fill it with lighter items that will keep all the contents of the box snug; of course, the books should be placed at the bottom.  

Moving company or friends? 

moving in a new apartment

Many people now use a moving company to move home. This is a smart move that takes away a lot of the hassle from the move. Why not leave everything to a moving company? It's a very convenient solution. But it does come with a cost. 

If you want to save money, and if you're moving house, you probably want to keep an eye on expenses, then you can do the moving yourself. Not only will this save money, but it can also be a very cathartic experience. Cleaning out and packing yourself are good ways to say goodbye to the home you're leaving. Packing as a family allows for the family to relive the memories that come up as you pack your home items away. 

To further this emotionally positive experience, get some willing friends to help you with the move; someone with a pickup truck would be very welcome at this time. This strengthens bonds between friends and gives them an early chance to visit your new home. 

Moving is often cited as one of the most traumatic experiences a person goes through in their life. There are many more tips, but these two will go some way to making moving easier and less painful. Packing smart and getting family and friends involved can turn moving into a positive, fun experience.