Should You Hire Remote Workers for Your Small Business?

Small businesses opt for remote employees to save on operation costs and get more extensive access to real talents. With a remote workforce, business owners do not need to spend much on office space lease and office supplies. They need to pay for an efficient phone system like a hosted PBX to carry out daily communication.

While there are several challenges that you will likely encounter in managing a virtual team, hiring remote workers might be one of the wisest business decisions you’ll ever make. Here are some reasons why:

1. Increased productivity

In-site workers’ productivity is affected by different factors such as commute time, distractions in the workplace, and lack of motivation. Because remote employees do not have to use their energy to commute and no colleagues to distract them, they have enough energy and time to get their jobs done.

Employees working in a traditional office have to follow a fixed schedule. They do not have the freedom to have an idle time as they need to complete daily tasks and remain busy throughout the day. Despite their busyness, they achieve little productivity. This happens because they are not allowed to give their brains a downtime, and they must force themselves to remain focused. Downtime enables the brain to recharge and regain focus. Remote workers have the freedom to pamper their minds with idle time, resulting in higher productivity and better work quality. They are also more willing to work on weekends and holidays to finish a specific project compared to their in-office counterparts.

2. A larger pool of skilled candidates

If you are going to hire local talents, you will have limited options, and you might settle for who is available. You might persuade some potential employees to transfer to your area, but it is impossible to convince all of your prospective employees to consider moving to your location. A survey says that more than 50% of young professionals would choose a company that offers remote work. By accepting global applications, you are also attracting hidden gems from diverse cultures.

remote worker

3. Save on operating costs

Rental rates of commercial spaces are increasing every year, and you don’t have to worry about this alarming increase when you choose to work with a remote team. According to PGI, an employer’s savings can range up to $11,000 annually if their employees are telecommuting.

4. You only pay for the work done

Freelancers and remote contractors usually charge on a per-project basis. This means that with remote employees, you only pay for the work done, unlike in-house workers who are paid on a per-hour basis but spend some hours on social platforms during work time.

5. Remote workers are happier and healthier employees

A study shows that companies that offer remote work options experience less 25% turn over rate. This is because the comfort of their homes allows remote employees to work with less pressure. Working in a physical space under someone’s supervision is a work stressor for employees in the traditional workplace.

By choosing remote workers, you are inviting top hires from all over the world who are perfectly able to help you grow your business.