The Startup Work: How to Make Your Business Survive


Some people will tell you that businesses always start with an idea and the dream to make money. Startups come out of these ideas, and they often start on shaky legs—you’re not sure whether it’ll bomb or it will become one of the best ventures you’ve made in a long time. Sometimes, the reason why startups fail comes as no surprise. Some experts have pegged that about 75% of startups fail because of some key failures, most of which are …

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Thinking of Starting a Catering Business? Here’s What to Know

people preparing food

For people passionate about food and serving people, starting a catering service is one of the most popular options that can be both fulfilling and successful. In this type of business, you can serve people while indulging in their love for food and people. The cool part? You also get to attend lavish gatherings and visit various places while making money at the same time. And if you’re a young entrepreneur who can’t handle a 9 to 5 job, a …

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Marketing Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World

marketing plan

The pandemic compelled businesses to implement changes in the way they connected with their market. Traditional marketing strategies were not effective since people were staying home to avoid the virus. Due to this, businesses that are struggling to reach their customers and increase revenue should focus on marketing strategies that are suitable situation. And with the continuing release of the coronavirus vaccine, it’s only a matter of time when the country will enter the new normal way of life. This …

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How Recreational Businesses Can Step Up Their Game During the Crisis

man and woman doing archery

Not all recreational businesses managed to stay afloat during the crisis. This is since many brands had to stay close after local authorities deemed their business as non-essential. But after lockdowns were lifted, owners can’t wait to get back to business and start over again. Despite the fact that people are still socially distancing and spending more time indoors, many are having a hard time coping. They can’t wait to go out, have fun, and forget their worries and anxiety even for …

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Why You’ll Never Have Enough Time To Do Everything

frustrated woman

We understand and deeply resonate with the motivations of young entrepreneurs to take the initiative and active steps toward funding their startup, undergoing mentorship, and building the necessary capital through their side-hustles. Whether it’s learning how to start a property management business or creating a storage solutions company, entrepreneurial minds are always busy taking that first step and doing all they can to reach the goals they’ve set out to achieve. However, one of the biggest hurdles young entrepreneurs end …

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Tips for Marketing a Franchise Business During the Pandemic

business owner

Starting a franchise business might be a good opportunity in the time of COVID-19. For one, many companies that use a franchise model found themselves succeeding in 2020 despite overwhelming odds and a terrible economy. While it’s true that no business will truly be pandemic or recession-proof, some industries and sectors have a better chance than others. At the same time, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit but still intimidated by the prospect of completely starting from scratch, owning a franchise might …

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Get Your Business These 5 Tech Tools to Gain Competitive Edge

Today’s business arena is essentially an adapt-or-die environment where only businesses that embrace technological innovations can enjoy sustained and immense successes. The rest that failed to see the need to incorporate technology in their respective businesses usually stay on the sidelines watching their tech-savvy competitors make significantly more money than them. With such a scenario, it should be reason enough for you to begin your digital transformation soon by making applicable technologies essential elements of your daily business processes from …

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4 Ways To Secure Your Real Property

lawyer and client

Running a business is already hard enough without having to think about property maintenance. You have to look after your employees, talk to vendors and clients, and make sure the lights stay on. You also have to make sure that your property remains in good condition, whether it’s a small store or an entire building. Owning your own building isn’t that different from being a landlord. The only difference is you are your own tenant. That’s why you need to …

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Eco-friendly Companies: What It Takes to Become an Environmentally Sustainable Business

eco-friendly business

Recent consumer trends reveal that customers are now prioritizing environmental impact when buying goods. In the last decade, earth-friendly services and products have been increasing in popularity. In fact, in a 2018 survey by Accenture Strategy, 62% of consumers are now taking a stand on environmental issues, such as fair employment and sustainability. That is why more companies today are taking initial steps in kick-starting an eco-friendly business. But as more companies identify themselves as “eco-friendly,” it can be tough …

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5 Low-Cost Business Ventures to Explore in 2021

young entrepreneur

Back in 2020 when the COVID-19 crisis was at its most devastating, there are a handful of businesses that managed to survive and even thrive despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic. These included media streaming sites such as Netflix, grocery stores, cleaning meal prep, and delivery services, home gardening, telemedicine, fitness equipment companies, and home improvement companies including remodeling and landscaping service providers. The successes of these businesses prove that even amid a crisis, certain commercial ventures can make …

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