Learn About the Best Practices in Direct Marketing

Anyone who says that direct marketing is dead does not know a thing about marketing at all. Even though digital marketing or online marketing is the go-to marketing strategy these days, direct marketing still has some tricks up its sleeve to make an impact on any company’s sales. With that in mind, you should know the best practices that direct marketing companies in the UK use so that you can incorporate them into your own marketing strategies and make them effective.

Add a personal touch

Believe it or not, but direct marketing has a particular edge over digital marketing in that it can be more personal than the latter. A lot of people are easily turned off by email spam not necessarily because it is too much but because people know that the companies who send out this email spam are just trying to make a buck out of an unwitting person. But if you send out personalized letters to your potential customers, you are sending a message that you are not offering them a sales pitch. Personalized letters make customers feel that they are valuable to the companies, and not just people they want to make a profit from.

woman holding a direct marketing poster

Be detailed

When you are sending brochures to your customers, be as detailed as you can about the products you want to offer to them so that they will have enough information to convince them that your products are what they need. On the other hand, if you are going to fill your brochures with detailed information about your products, make sure that you present it in a way that it will inform your customers but not bore them to tears. Design your brochure with vibrant colours and eye-catching images so that your customers will have fun reading them.

Share testimonials

People follow trends because they are popular among their peers, so take note of this when you are sending out brochures to your potential customers. Sharing testimonials of existing customers to potential customers can further convince the latter to buy the items you are selling. If they see that many people have bought your products and are happy with those products, they might decide to join the bandwagon and start buying your products.

Do not forget your call-to-actions

A letter is only as good as its call-to-action. If you start your letter or brochure with an inspiring message but you fall short in your call-to-action, then you fail in your marketing strategy. A call-to-action is that line in your message telling your customer to buy your product now and not later. Your message should have a sense of urgency so that your customer will feel that if she puts this thing off tomorrow, the product that she wants might be gone.

In order for your direct marketing efforts to be effective, you should always implement the best practices of this marketing tool. As long as you maintain that personal connection with your customer, direct marketing will always be effective for you.