Innovative Careers: How To Put Your Creativity To Good Use Under The New Normal

Do you know someone highly creative stuck in a job that has no avenue for creative expression whatsoever? Chances are that person is unfulfilled and dissatisfied with what he or she is doing for 8 hours a day.

One of the challenges for creative types is the low availability of jobs that allow them to use and enhance their creativity. A creative person thrives in an environment that lets them do what they do best — create and innovate.

Ideation plays a very big part in the way society — and pretty much the world — has evolved through the years. Without ideas from creative people, things would not be the way they are now. No technology, no art, no life. Life as we know it would be dull, dull, dull.

7 Careers that Puts Your Creativity to Good Use

Artistic Director

Whether you work as an artistic director for a business website hosting company or an advertising agency, this job allows you to work with highly creative people and be exposed to all sorts of great ideas every day.

Web Developer

With all the exciting things happening digitally now, a lot of great opportunities can be found in website development. And no, we’re not talking about working on WordPress layouts.


Visual arts have been made widely accessible with social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. If you have the eye for details and color and composition, you can make use of your skills by capturing special and significant moments and make your services available as a commercial photographer or photojournalist.


Folks who have the flair for creating new things and innovating will find themselves very happy in a design-related job. Interior design, architecture, fashion, web design, and a lot of other similar occupations let you run wild with your creativity and imagination in pursuit of solutions.


One of the earliest jobs we’re exposed to as children but are unaware that it is a job is a cartoonist. Almost everyone grew up reading comic books and comic strips. Similarly, almost everyone had a great time wielding a pencil, pen, crayon, or marker on paper working on some art for mommy and daddy.

Some of us grew up to develop this talent and artistry but haven’t really put it into practice in our regular jobs. Perhaps a career move is in order to let you revisit and further enhance that talent and creativity. Being a cartoonist would be perfect for you if that’s you.


person writing

Writing is a great way of putting all your ideas on paper. While not all writing jobs are 100% creative, it still entails a great amount of creativity as you need to be able to weave ideas together in a fluid yet organized manner that makes perfect sense to your readers.

3D Artist

Working as a 3D artist lets you create a lot of fun stuff that is used in movies, animation, video games, and digital presentations. With limitless possibilities on what you can come up with, it’s a creator’s playground.

If you’re the type of person who’s high in creativity and ideation, you need to take stock at where you’re at and see if you’re feeding and growing in your creativity. So put your creativity to good use and let mankind benefit from it.