How to Brighten a Dark Room without Doing Major Renovations

Stop living like a vampire in a gothic castle. Simply because a room does not get a lot of natural daylight does not mean you have to be accustomed to the darkness. There are other ways to make your room look bright and vibrant.

Add Lights

The most obvious solution to a dark room is to add more light fixtures. If you are hanging lights to a ceiling, consider placing a few ones closer to the wall. If your room is smaller, try a pendant light that hangs a little lower from the ceiling.

Better yet, go for industrial high-bay LED light fixtures. These types of lighting solutions are designed to illuminate large and dim areas. If you have a room with a high ceiling and plenty of space, you can feel assured that the light will reach every nook and cranny.

In addition, install undercabinet lights to remove any shadows lurking underneath your furniture. For a more affordable option, you can buy battery-operated strips that you can stick onto cabinets.

Pay attention to the light bulbs you use, too. A yellow-toned light mimics the colour of sunshine, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want a clean look, go for the true white light.

Opt for White Furnishings

Dark room with white furnitures

Once you have figured out the perfect lighting solution, you can start decorating your room. Use a  lot of white from your wall and ceiling down to your furniture. White does not absorb light; in fact, light bounces off of white surfaces.

You do not have to make the entire room white, but adding white elements throughout the room can certainly help. A sofa upholstered with white pleather, for example, or a bed with white sheets and pillowcases will brighten the room.

Hang Mirrors

Many people add huge windows in order to brighten and make a room look spacious. This tried and tested method works by reflecting the light back to the room. Place the mirror across the biggest window in the room and watch it work its magic.

Choose Blonde Wood

Dark hardwood looks glamorous, but it can absorb a lot of light from a room. If you have the budget to redo your floors, go for lightly-stained or blonde wood. Like white, blonde wood reflects light better than dark hardwood.

Moreover, blonde wood does not show scratches and age too obviously, making it perfect in high-traffic areas of your home.

A Bright Rug as a Final Touch

If you have no choice but to live with your dark hardwood or stone floors, there is another option. A rug, especially in a light colour, can make a room brighter. It also prevents the floor from draining the light out of the room.

A runner rug in a light tone will break the richness of the wood and provide a much-needed airiness.  An area rug also provides a subtle definition between specific areas as well as brighten the room.

Simple changes can make huge differences when it comes to interior design. Switching a light fabric curtain with your usual heavy draperies will brighten up the entire room. Go around the room and study your light sources, and how each of your existing furnishings react to it. You do not have to make major renovations to make your room look a lot less like a haunted house.