Business Ideas for Homemakers to Become Financially Independent

Just because you are a homemaker and have the household’s responsibility doesn’t mean that you can’t work and earn a steady, respectable income. Nowadays, there are many work opportunities, including starting a business of their own, that homemakers can take advantage of. They also prove to be a good source of income for stay-in moms. They can take care of their kids and support the house financially without having to step out. Here are seven home-based working options for homemakers that can earn them a decent monthly income.

  1. Data Entry

    This is one of the simplest jobs a homemaker can enroll for and earn easy money. There is no investment required. All that is needed is a computer, laptop, or even a tablet and an internet connection. Similarly, the skill set required for this job is not high. A basic understanding of spreadsheets and documents is enough. The job responsibilities include creating questionnaires or creating online forms from an available document. However, the expected income from a data entry job is variable as it is a service-based task.

  2. Day-care Center

    If you love kids, then this can be an ideal profession. Running a daycare center involves looking after toddlers and preschoolers. Nowadays, both parents are working. They need someone to look after the child while they are away at work. This job requires minimal investment. You will need to buy kids’ toys, additional tables and chairs for the kids and their visiting parents, hygiene products, and baby food, to name a few. You can easily find these items, including the furniture from table-and-chair rental providers and other items from the local supermarket. Running a day-care center can sometimes become stressful as taking care of multiple kids is no child’s play. Thus, think twice before you opt for this.

  3. Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a hot topic in today’s age, especially after the pandemic hit. It involves marketing the clients’ products and services on the internet, attracting new customers, and driving business growth. Digital marketing is a broad term involving services like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing, to name a few. The investment cost is nil. One needs to know various digital marketing concepts, a computer, and an internet connection.

  4. Pet Sitting

    It is similar to babysitting. The only difference being pet sitting involves taking care of animals, instead of kids, while the adults are at work. Pet sitting is a rising profession and pays handsomely too. You can also provide pet grooming, training, and veterinary services if you have the skills to earn additional income. However, if you are allergic to household pets or animals in general, you should stay away from this outdoors

  5. Authoring

    If you have a flair for writing, you can consider writing as a profession. You can write a novel, tutorial book, poems, or self-help books, based on your preferences. You can then publish them as traditional physical copies, such as hardcovers or paperbacks. Or you can publish them digitally as e-books on online platforms like the Amazon Kindle or a book-publishing website. Similarly, you can start by publishing blogs, hone your writing skills, and then move up to writing full-fledged books.

  6. Online Surveys and UI Testing

    To gauge customer sentiment, many businesses conduct online surveys. The surveys include simple questions regarding a new product or service to be launched by the business. The participants are given a demo of the new product and are asked to rate the product on various parameters. Similarly, businesses conduct A/B testing for their website to find out which layout is easy for the customers to understand and navigate. In UI testing, the testers have to try out different versions of the website and share their experiences by answering questionnaires and feedback forms.

  7. Art and Crafts

    If you have the talent, you can convert your hobby into a paid profession. You can create artwork like paintings, portraits, Plaster of Paris products, wooden sculptors, and other decorative items. You can sell these items easily through the internet and also through local networking. Similarly, you can also display your art at local fairs and exhibitions or sell your art to local stores or a specialized dealer.


The pandemic’s current economic slowdown has forced many households to seek an additional source of income and earn more than what they used to. The working options provided in this blog are easy, require a minimum investment, and are highly flexible. Homemakers can easily balance their work and home responsibilities, proving to be a win-win situation.