A Parent’s Guide to Photographing Babies and Toddlers

Parents are always proud to show off their children. Yes, there are moments when they seem to want to pull their hair out because handling kids can really be challenging. But deep down, they want to declare how much they love their children to everyone. This is why photo albums are a huge thing for families. At one point in your life, you have visited a friend or relative who showed you many pictures of them when they were younger. When you get to have your own kids, you will get your turn to do this. You want to make sure that what you have will look absolutely beautiful. You want them to look like they were shot by a professional commercial photographer, good enough to be a magazine cover or poster.

Babies and toddlers are the cutest things in the world, but they can be tough to manage when you want to capture a photo of them. Their minds can wander, and that will make them want to walk or play around. If you need them to stand still for a shoot, you will have to think of ways to achieve that. But do not worry, there are things you can to make that photo shoot an easier pill to swallow.

Make Them Wear Comfortable Clothes

Little kids sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves. Do not expect them to be very verbal about how they are feeling. You have to watch their body language for that. One thing that can make them fidgety is when they wear clothes they are not comfortable in.

You may notice them trying to take a shirt or a hat off, and you let them be if that happens. This could be because the material irritates their skin, it is too hot, or the clothes just not fit them. If you want your shoot to go smoothly, you’d better make sure that your subject is as comfy as they can be.

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Take the Photos After Playtime or Mealtime

If you want an intense workout, try playing with your kids. They are some of the most energetic beings on this planet. A common scene in photo shoots involving little children is them running around with a parent chasing after them. You can avoid this by scheduling your shoot after they are done eating and playing. Hopefully, when the session starts, they would be at the stage where they are cooling down and eager to take a break. This will make it easier for them to behave and stay still.

Plan B: Take Candid Shots

You could be under time pressure, or you are almost giving up on the shoot. Kids will be kids. Sometimes they just don’t want to follow instructions, or they have their attention somewhere else. When this happens, do not fret. They will all be beautiful regardless of which angle their picture is taken. A candid shot shows a more natural framing of a child. You do not want to capture them crying because they are being forced to pose. Their best moments are when they are carefree, and those are the images that you want to keep.

Pictures are a great way to preserve memories. When you have kids, you want to capture their formative years as much as you can, as those years do not last long. And when you have kept a lot of photos from those times, you will have a wonderful time reliving them whenever you want.