5 Asian Treats You Should Try

In general, Asian cuisine is already in a class of its own, with the flavorful spices that make it exciting and enjoyable. However, not a lot of people have had the luxury to discover and explore Asian bakery goods and treats that are as delightful as their cuisine itself.

A popular type of these treats is mooncakes. In general, even Westerners acknowledge how delicious this tasty little confection is. Complete with creative packaging, mooncakes are well-received even in countries outside of the Asian continent.

But unbeknownst to many, mooncakes are just a small fraction of what Asian bakeries have to offer. Here are some of the best treats and pastries that you should try the next time you visit the continent.

Asian Bakery Goods

1. Baked Buns

A common find in most bakeries in Asia is a baked bun. This is a type of sweetened fluffy bread that is incorporated with different fillings and toppings. Some of the most popular flavours of baked buns are pineapple, red bean paste, coconut, and roast pork.

2. Steamed Buns

In general, steamed buns are closely related to baked buns. They are also available in the same flavours as their baked counterpart with the addition of interesting ones like pumpkin, lotus bean paste, salted egg yolk, and savoury fillings – meat and vegetables.

3. Egg Custard Tarts

A classic favourite is this egg custard confectionery baked in scrumptious tart shells. They are also offered in different variations like ones that are called milk tarts – made out of egg whites instead. Some versions even come riddled with mango chunks, and others sprinkled with shredded coconut.

4. Melon Cakes

The melon cake is a favourite Chinese sweet treat that is shaped like a cookie. It is well-known for its winter melon filling and balanced blend of sweetness. Characterised by its mashed sticky texture, it is one of the favourite picks of many customers.

5. Mochi

An original recipe from Japan, mochi is a sticky-rice dough filled with something sweet inside. It comes in a wide assortment of flavours, with the most popular ones being mango, green tea, black sesame, vanilla, and red bean.

Asian Treats

Asian Confectionery

1. Coconut Red Bean Pudding

An interesting twist on pudding which is flavoured with coconut milk and red beans. It has a soft and delicate texture that melts in the mouth once consumed.

2. Peanut Puffs

Another confectionery that is well-loved by a lot of people in this sweet and crunchy fried snack, also known as Kok Chai. It is a Malaysian-Singaporean traditional treat that is popular all over Asia.

3. Sweet Sticky Rice Cake

Sweet sticky rice cake is also known as Nian Gao. This tasty treat, as the name suggests, is firmed-up rice that is wrapped in banana leaves and sun-dried for weeks.

With a distinctive palate that is so much different from how Western food tastes, Asian delicacies offer a unique experience that can pass for a thrilling adventure all on its own. So, next time you find yourself visiting Asia, don’t forget to try out the delightful treats listed above.