The Dating Scene: Who Should Make the First Move?

Dating is not easy, whether in person or through matchmaker dating apps. It can seem awkward. It will require time and patience. And it can be confusing, especially when it comes to making the first move: who should make it?

It’s Now OK for Women to Make the First Move

Dating can often seem daunting because you’re not sure who should message who first. Before, the burden only fell on the guy. But times have changed. About 95 percent of single men aged 18 to 70 years shared that it’s OK for women to initiate the kissing and ask for the guys’ number first.

In some places, it’s now acceptable for women to make the first move. Every location, apparently, has its dating style and belief. In this case, it’s regional.

Here’s how dating looks like in certain regions in the US.

  • In the Northeast, it’s OK for either the boy or the girl to initiate the date. Anyone can ask someone out, and gender or sexual orientation doesn’t matter.
  • The same goes in the Northwest. It’s a casual dating culture, with the man or the woman having the freedom to ask someone out.
  • In the Southeast, however, it’s the guy who has to make the first move. It’s not a requirement, but that’s how things go. They find it unusual for the girl to make the first move.

Initiating the date still depends on you. If you want to ask someone out, you have the option to stand by these dating practices. But once you do go out with someone, certain rules will apply.

The Etiquette on Today’s Dating Scene

Happy date of a coupleWhen you’re out on a date, your behavior can go under the microscope. And that behavior could improve or hurt your chances for a repeat engagement.

For instance, nearly 75 percent of single individuals are turned off by a person who answers a call while they’re on a date. Why? For starters, it implies that you’re attention is elsewhere and that you’re not interested in the person that’s right before you.

Texting is also off the table. Sixty-six percent of single people say that texting is a turn-off. The lesson: drop that phone because your best friend can wait for your updates later.

Another notable change in perspective among men is that women entrepreneurs are a number one turn-on. Lady bosses, it’s your time to shine. As it appears, men are no longer intimidated by a woman who can take charge.

One more thing you would want to keep in mind: it’s OK to split the bill. Men find it more attractive if a lady offers to pay for half of what you ordered. This is another change in the dating scene most likely brought by the progress in gender equity.

There’s no secret method when it comes to dating. Even China, the most populated country, knows the struggle, which is why dating schools there are a rising trend. The bottom line is, it’s up to you if you’ll have a successful dating life or not. So will you make the move?