Online Presence: Strategies You Should Use During the Pandemic

Globally, it’s known that there are around 4.60 billion internet users around the world. This number has been continually increasing in the past few years, especially when individuals join the middle class while having access to a high-speed internet connection. With so many individuals using the world wide web as a means of accessing information, it’s only appropriate that businesses and conglomerates use it to tap into a broader audience.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused various changes, both in the social and economic climate. With individuals staying at home to ensure they are safe, they have confided to the internet as a steady source of information. At the same time, businesses worldwide have also migrated to a plethora of digital platforms to maintain business continuity. This makes it even more paramount that people start maintaining a constant online presence.

But what are some strategies that can help businesses stay afloat in these uncertain times? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Reaching More of Your Audience Through Quality Content

With many individuals staying home due to the ongoing public health crisis, the primary source of information and entertainment for much of your target audience will be the internet. Whether it’s videos, articles, or music, the internet is considered a treasure trove of information and near-endless entertainment forms.

Most social interactions that were once physical are now migrating towards digital platforms. The sudden rise of these social media spaces and platforms is usually attributed to the fact that most businesses and academic institutions will now have to rely on websites that provide video hosting events, such as Zoom and other dedicated applications. Whatever the approach may be, it’s still crucial that we find out what will draw your audience’s attention. While most of our lives are currently revolving around digital interactions, this will have a lasting impact on your physical environment, especially right after the pandemic.

That said, content marketing has always been one of the best ways to build up visibility and content for brands and play an integral role in funneling in engagements and leads. This will also provide valuable answers to the problems that most people will face throughout their lives. Content can come in many forms, including video tutorials, articles that give much-needed tips, and online tools to help with a particular problem. With the right expertise, you’ll be able to enhance the branding of your product and service at the comfort of your home.

If you’re a business-to-business enterprise, it’s important to remember that around 60 to 70% of potential B2B clients and buyers will see much of your site’s content as a major factor in formulating the first impression of your domain and how you conduct your business. That said, content marketing should be one of your cornerstones for maintaining a strong online presence.

Getting to the Top with Search Engines

We must remember that the pandemic has caused a vast shift in how businesses work, and many of these businesses have been relying on the internet as a source of income. While business owners will need to be conscious of their audience, it’s vital to consider different competitors in your industry.

Since much of the public will use the internet as a means of looking for solutions to their problems, it’s only appropriate that businesses take advantage of one of the most useful tools that have been used ever since the dawn of the world wide web: search engines. Every day, there are thousands of businesses around the world that are vying for a spot in search engines. Studies suggest that 90 to 95% of most activities online will usually start from search engines. And around 75% of these users will never get to the second page since the first page, and the first result will have what they want.

Since search engines are considered the “beating heart” of any online business, businesses and organizations revolve solely on search engine optimization. How does this work? Search engines often follow a set of parameters called algorithms that will determine if a site will have the relevant content and engagements to get it to the top of the SERP (search engine results page).

Both search engine optimization and content marketing work in tandem to help bring potential customers and clients to a specific domain. However, the process of creating content for a website, search engine optimization, and making the website look good will need a highly-talented workforce that’s well-versed in marketing and statistics. Fortunately, some companies are more than willing to help transform your website into a shining jewel on the internet and get it to the top of SERPs. For example, in Singapore, programmatic advertising is used by businesses and digital marketing agencies in capturing their target market and leading them to a certain website.


There are a variety of ways to get more organic clicks and engagements to your domain. There are even more strategies and tactics that you can incorporate, and you’ll have to be creative with it. Using a mix of different tactics is a great way of maintaining a good online presence.