Lockdown Survival for Businesses: 4 Ideas to Stay Afloat

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay inside their homes until the situation is well under control. Although this is better for the overall health of the community, it’s rough for small businesses that need daily revenue to keep their operations running.

The unprecedented situation may force some businesses to close down, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option as an entrepreneur.

1. Keep Your Business Flexible

During a pandemic, your customers are likely going to prioritize buying essential goods and services. As such, rethink how your products and services can meet your audience’s current needs.

If you run a daycare center, you may still be open for parents providing essential services. If not, you could arrange for virtual daycare for clients who have to work from home. You can provide at-home arts and crafts and storytelling sessions through video conferencing.

Recently landed a deal on a franchise opportunity for cleaning services? Skip residential services for now. Focus on providing disinfection and sanitation services commercial buildings that still get regular traffic. This way, you can gain income while helping your fellow small business owners and frontline workers.

If you’re a music, art, or gym instructor, provide online classes. This not only puts your current clients on track with their program, but it may also attract people who are looking for a hobby while they’re stuck at home.

2. Limit Physical Contact

With social distancing in full effect, your customers may want to limit physical contact with people outside. As such, cash may not be the best way to receive payment. Consider virtual payment or money transfer payment like PayPal, Venmo, or your bank’s online service. You should also consider doing curbside pick-ups for your products to ensure little to no physical interaction between your crew and customers.

3. Have a Strong Online Presence

Advertise where most of your audience is right now: on the internet. Update your website with online shopping capabilities and updated contact information. Send email marketing messages to your customers or boost social media posts with information about your limited opening hours and ordering procedures.

4. Collaborate with Other Businesses

In these trying times, small businesses should have each others’ backs. Look around your neighborhood to see which companies you can work with to provide products and services conveniently to your customers.

For example, your food business could offer catering services to hospitals and other essential businesses to help keep hardworking frontliners fed. If you’re running a logistics business, you could also lend a hand to grocery stores or restaurants that may need help delivering their goods to customers.

It’s unfortunate that state-enforced quarantines have caused businesses to close-down or operate in a limited capacity. However, it’s necessary to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As such, companies must think of creative ways to sustain their business and provide valuable products and services to customers. Give your company a fighting chance in surviving the lockdown, no matter how long it takes, with a few creative ideas.