How Vinyl Graphic Sign Installation Works

The “How to Apply Large Vinyl Graphics” YouTube video provides a detailed walkthrough of the process of applying expansive graphics to a transit Ford Connect without the need to split them into smaller sections. The installer employs a meticulous approach for installing the vinyl graphic sign, commencing with the identification of the van’s center using pins or magnets and subsequently measuring the graphic’s placement based on the layout or specific measurements.

In a departure from conventional methods, the installer opts for a strategic technique. Instead of taping the entire graphic onto the van, the installer removes approximately one-third of it, folds it back, and applies it using a squeegee, leaving room for adjustments.

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This method not only ensures precision but also facilitates easy corrections during the application.

The video underscores the significance of collaboration, recommending the involvement of two individuals to maintain the graphic’s straightness and achieve a seamless finish. Proper techniques for pulling and applying transfer tape without causing damage to the vehicle are elucidated, emphasizing a downward angle during the process.

Temperature considerations are deemed paramount, with both the vehicle and vinyl tape recommended being above 60 degrees for optimal results. The video also provides valuable insights into bubble prevention, suggesting a proactive approach to identifying and addressing bubbles during installation to ensure a flawless outcome.

To enhance the application process, the speaker recommends using a squeegee with a felt tip for smoother application, although highlighting that a regular squeegee is a viable alternative. Overall, the video serves as a comprehensive guide, offering practical tips and techniques for a successful and efficient application of large vinyl graphics on vehicles.


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