How Hard Is It to Market an Unsexy or Sensitive Business?

Do you think that marketing is just for coffee shops, baby clothes, women’s shoes, old-school diners, and tech companies? Many people are aware that there exist some sensitive, quirky, taboo, and unsexy businesses such as biohazard decontamination, funeral homes, crime-scene cleanups, and even body waxing services. Business owners sit back and watch other companies marketing products and services. They don’t know where to start, or if their market even wants to hear about these products.

These are the kinds of products and services customers don’t want to need. They don’t seek these unless they need to. Everyone needs to talk to a funeral home at some point in their lives, but none want to talk about it. The same thing happens with a post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD clinic. It’s a sensitive topic that no one wants to talk about needing to go to one.

But it isn’t right for businesses not to have access to marketing services. No matter what kind of industry you are in, you need to market your products and services. Otherwise, your business risks being stagnant. It won’t grow. People will not even know it exists.

Your Business Is Not for Everyone

An unsexy business is not for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of marketing your business to a general audience. Most people don’t want to hear about taboo subjects such as crime-scene cleanup services. If you are going to market a niche business, market it to a specific audience. This isn’t something you want to suddenly find on your news feed.

You have to identify who your target audience is. Potential customers want to hear about your services, but they are uncomfortable asking about them. They will eventually turn to you once they need your services, so you have to get out of your way to reach potential markets.

Consider Other Avenues and Methods

Radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and social media are the most popular types of marketing and advertising. They are not the norm for niche products and services like yours. When you are marketing something that consumers don’t want to hear about on popular mediums, you have to think outside the box. You have to consider other avenues such as direct mail marketing and Google advertisements.

For a niche product or service, what you need is to find an advertisement service that will target consumers interested in what you’re offering. This is where a pay-per-click ad is beneficial. You will only pay for the number of clicks that an ad gets. The ads are highly targeted.

Direct mail marketing works the same way. You will only send the email to people you think will need your products and services now or in the future. Another way you can market your products and services is by engaging with people in forums and online communities. This is a more personal way to reach out to your target audience.

Target Specific Markets with Different Strategies

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There is no one-fits-all marketing strategy when you are selling an unsexy product or service. If you have a wide range of services, you can offer them specifically to each target market. That means creating a different marketing strategy for each specific audience. Don’t list down your services and products in one brochure. Not everyone wants to hear about them.

Instead, create separate brochures and marketing materials for a range of distinct audience subsets. Target them with specific messages that will resonate with their needs and emotions. You also have to reach out to other industries and markets. A waxing salon, for example, isn’t only for women. Men want to avail of these services, too, though they are usually embarrassed to talk about it.

Step in Your Target Audience’s Shoes

This applies to all businesses: put yourself in your audience’s shoes. This is especially important if your products and services are sensitive, intimate, and personal. If you are the one who needs this product or service, how are you going to search for it without getting awkward about it? You have to choose how you want to know about a product and use it for your own marketing needs.

Does a message come off as offensive or informative? This technique sounds simple enough, but many business owners still fail to use this approach. Putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes will help you understand the contexts, images, and messages that will resonate well with them.

It’s necessary to find the right marketing campaign for a sensitive and specialized business such as yours. It is not impossible to reach your audience as long as you know where and when they need your services. So, don’t lose hope if your business is so sensitive that you’re having a hard time marketing it. Studying your options and experimenting will lead you to the right strategy.