Buzz-Worthy Ways to Launch Your Company’s New Product

Product launches are more than just introducing your company's new brainchild. It's also crucial to the product and the company's success, so a product launch event must be buzz-worthy and if possible, mind-blowing.

When Apple launched the iPad, they were able to sell over a hundred thousand units right away. You might be thinking, "But Apple is a big brand, so it's a given." That may true to a certain extent, but you don't need to be as established as Apple to be able to create hype over your new product. If you incorporate a number of creative and innovative ideas to your upcoming product launch, the anticipation you can build can be as high as that of an Apple product.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your product launch event exciting and buzz-worthy:

1. Post Teasers

People love looking forward to something, so tease your market about your new product at least a month prior to its official launching. Take advantage of social media as you post your teaser campaign. EMarketer expected social media to have 2.55 billion users in 2017, and now that it's 2020, imagine how much the number of users has blown up? With an exciting teaser campaign, you'll catch the attention of millions — or even billions.

2. Create Suspense

Apart from having something to look forward to, people also love mysteries. Rouse their imaginative minds by incorporate a dose of suspense to your new product. This can count as a teaser, too, albeit more secretive. For example, simply announce on your social media pages that you'll release a new product in a few months without giving any clues. Let the market come up with their own theories, and you'd see how fast the buzz will take over social media!

3. Share Updates

Once you've already announced that you'll be launching a new product soon, share updates every now and then to keep the buzz alive. You can reward your loyal customers by making them the first to know about the updates by sending them emails. Make the content engaging, and provide an option to share so that your recipients would be encouraged to spread the word. Be consistently creative when you share updates because the hype has overflowed to the brim until it explodes on the launch day!

4. Take Pre-orders and Hold a Giveaway

Brands like Apple accept pre-orders for their upcoming releases, so consider doing the same in your company. When you get people highly excited, especially your loyal customers, they'd want to be the first ones to get their hands on your new product. That said, put up a pre-order button on your website and watch how many order forms would be filled in a day.

You can also bring further excitement by holding a giveaway. Think of an exciting contest, and reward the winner with your new product. If you can allow it, you may give away several units of your new product.

5. Incorporate Augmented Reality on the Launch Day

As mentioned, make your product launch mind-blowing, if possible. Scrape away the "if" and make it an absolute reality working with a reputable AR application development partner from Miami or other cities. On the launch day, surprise your guests by having them try on an AR headset to tease them further before finally presenting the actual product. You may also include the general public by having AR stations in your stores, so they can virtually experience your new product before it launches. Your launch guests and everyone who have experienced your new product through AR will surely talk about it on social media.

By putting these ideas to work, your new product launch will surely be filled with buzz and anticipation. And with high-tech presentation methods on the launch day, you'd never disappoint.